Keeping up the Classroom

Tara Masterson


​Our team is committed to making this foundation a success, and after working many long nights, attending endless strategy meetings, and brainstorming ideas over and over, we feel we're right on track!  

From top left: Laura Cullen, Erin Cullen, Amanda Spry, Amanda Kordis, Sarah Thomas, Amanda Lehtinen, Ali Goggs, Jennifer Larkin, Valerie Abeille, Kelley Lehoullier, and Fetina O'Brien

From bottom left: Catie Bender, Tara Masterson, Paula Masterson, Meghan Burke, Julie Preziosi

Not in picture: Kevin Masterson, Richie Masterson, Barry Cullen, Rebecca Gore


​2017- Keeping up the Classroom Gala 


Volunteering is a big part of  what makes our foundation a success.  Find out how to become our volunteer today.

mission & vision

Our mission is to support and provide school supplies and educational services to those in need, and continue to do so for as long as we can. 

our team

On behalf of the Alanna and Joshua Foundation, I want to begin by saying thank you for the quality of service and honorable acts our community has continuously demonstrated to make our schools a better place. You have given donations to this foundation that will aid in shaping young minds and assisted our teachers by building up their classrooms.

We hope you will stand proud and support the Alanna and Joshua Foundation mission.

Foundation History

Nov 2012 -Foundation founded

Mar 2013 - First Keeping Up the Classroom event raising over $30,000!

Jul 2013 - Donated $1000 to St Patrick's school in Roxbury

Aug 2013 - Donated $1000 worth of backpack supplies to Department of Children and Family Services 

Aug 2014 - Donated $1300 worth of backpack supplies to Schools on Wheels 

Oct 2015 Second Keeping Up the Classroom Gala event at the Tirrell Room, raising over $30,000!

Jan 2016 - The School Box Program Launches

Nov 2017 -Third Keeping Up the Classroom Gala event


Sister to Alanna

Founding member