From a very young age Alanna was focused on going to college and becoming a teacher, with a strong passion to get married and start a family. Ultimately, her dream was to be a mother and nurture her family whom she loved with all her heart.

​​Alanna was a beautiful person inside and out. She brought a lasting feeling of comfort and peace too many people. We miss her tremendously and think of her often, especially, just how much of an amazing mother Alanna would have been.

In March of 2012, Alanna and her husband were in Florida on a church-sponsored couples retreat, enjoying one last “getaway” before the birth of their son. Alanna was 26 years old and 7 months pregnant.

While enjoying her time away, and anxiously awaiting the arrival of her son, Alanna was last seen holding her baby belly with adoration. The cabana Alanna was in was struck by a drunk driver, and Alanna and her first son, whom they named Joshua, were killed instantly.

​This has been a life altering tragedy for Alanna's family, friends, and the hundreds of people that Alanna knew. Reminiscing of our time spent with Alanna and remembering her warm personality has been a testament to how beautiful she was and how well she lived her life. We are so thankful to the many people who have reached out to let us know what a wonderful person Alanna was to them.

​In 2012 the Alanna and Joshua Foundation was started as a non-profit organization that helps children and teachers who are in need of school related supplies. We have in the past couple of years been able to help many children/teachers and will continue to do so for as long as we can.


Keeping up the Classroom